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Western Quality Historic Authentic Cowboy Belt Buckles

Western Quality Historic Authentic Cowboy Belt Buckles.  Free shipping!  Great gifts!




I am just one cowboy who runs this store as a part-time extra business to my real life. I try to provide excellent customer service but please understand if I don't respond as quickly or as often as you'd like. 

1) FREE shipping via US Postal Service Priority Mail for buckles and US Postal Media Rate for books is included in the price. For international shipments I normally send US Priority Mail or Air Mail (also FREE) but it depends on the destination (I try to get it there within 5-7 business days but customs can take longer). Your shipping label will show The Pacific Group as the shipper - that's just our corporate name and it doesn't make it as obvious what is inside the package.

2) If you want faster delivery or want to track the package you can choose overnight
Federal Express for an additional $30 ($60 for international shipments). I'll send you the tracking number via email when I acknowledge the order.

3) I can ship internationally and to APO addresses - and do so regularly. Unfortunately because of high fraud rates I accept only money orders in advance for orders from or shipped to Belarus, Columbia, Egypt, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, and Venezuela. If you need a
currency converter this is a good one. And if you need to translate any of the words in this store go to babelfish and put in the words or the entire page URL. I've heard it isn't that great at correct translations but it's better than nothing.

4) Your credit card statement will show our corporate name, The Pacific Group.

5) If you want to send a check or money order or credit card information via the mail, I'll be glad to reserve the buckle for you if you let me know ahead of time. Mail the payment to the address below. I cannot accept wire transfers, sorry but I've just had too many problems with them.

6) Almost all of these are "one-of-a-kind" buckles and I simply resell what I find. I can't engrave them or give you a different design and I don't manufacture buckles.

7) On the page describing a given buckle, you can click on the picture(s) to get a larger size picture.

8) If you have any problems or complaints please
email me, I want satisfied customers!

9) Beal's Cowboy Buckles
 ™ is owned by Richard Beal as part of The Pacific Group. The business mailing address is 7 Avenida Vista Grande, Suite B7-269, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508-9198 and my voice phone is 505.466.4504 although I prefer to be contacted by email.

10) I get asked about the best way to clean buckles. I use the advice
here for mine. Montana Silversmith does NOT recommend cleaning their buckles with anything harsher than dish soap and water - they already have a protectant on them.

11) This internet store is in compliance with and supports Consumer Reports
Consumer Web Watch guidelines for improving website credibility.

12) Items normally in stock can be returned for a refund if done so within 7 days of receiving and arrive back in the same condition. Items that have to be custom made are final sales and no refunds are available.

13) All information and images in this store is copyrighted. Copyright 2003-2017 by Richard Beal. No part of this website may be reproduced in any form whatsoever -- graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying or information storage -- without permission in writing from Richard Beal. All Rights Reserved.

14) I do not have a printed catalog for the store. So many items are one of a kind it never seemed to make sense to print something that would be out of date instantly.

15) I can only accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and Diner's Club credit cards. But if you don't have a credit card or checking account you can still make a purchase by using

16) This store has 256-bit secure encryption built into the checkout process and has a Secure Checkout award.

Thanks for looking at the store. Please tell your friends!

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